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Tara and Baden’s Wedding at Joondalup Resort

Tara and Baden we married at the Joondalup Resort Golf Course, which was also the place for their wedding reception and preparations.  It’s great when everything can happen in once place, you save on time as you don’t have to travel from one place to another, but each wedding is unique and has it’s attractions, Joondalup Resort is one very good place where it all can happen - not all wedding places in Perth can handle everything from start to the end.

joondalup resort weddingWe had a great preparations in the morning, and even had time to take the boys onto the golf course for some of their formal photos. Although Baden was a bit nervous about the big day, he had fun with his groomsmen. With the hair and make up done earlier than expected we were ahead of time with the girls and had a ball with the whole of Tara’s family.

Their wedding ceremony was performed by Baden’s aunty. This happens every so often at weddings and it’s so nice if you can incorporate your family or a close friend into the wedding ceremony. As it was a bit windy during their wedding ceremony, I think Baden’s eyes started to water because of that and definitely not because he got emotional when Tara walked down the isle.

It’s always fun when we do the family shoot and we get a few characters who are fun and want to show off, and Tara’s aunties were definitely playing the part during this time.  Straight after the family formals we headed for the golf course, it took careful navigation so the girls wouldn’t fall into the lake due the the steep path we took, but once on the green we got some great shots of the all having some fun.Tara and Baden are so much fun, they even had beer stubbie holders as their gifts to their guests - I’ll let you see the photos to what it says on there.

The team at Joondalup Resort are really good and when we walked in the room looked superb and ready for a party wedding. All of Tara’s and Baden’s friends and family had a ball on the night.

You can click on this link to view Tara and Baden’s Joondalup Resort wedding photos.

Wedding Photographer: Peter
Wedding Ceremony: Joondalup Resort Golf Course
Wedding Reception: Joondalup Resort Golf Course - Marquee

Here is a photo slideshow from their wedding:

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