Dance Order Form

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Pre Order Details

Express your interest in photos. Once your performance is uploaded, you will be emailed with your user/password. you will be able to view the images (will be watermarked) and decide if you'd like to purchase. 1st Preference is given to people who have purchased at the Festival.
If you'd like to purchase photos from multiple performances, please use a + in between each one in the same order for each required field. i.e. SESSION 12 + 19 + 31 // ITEM NUMBER 65 + 98 + 145 // SEQUENCE 1 + 1 + 6 So you don't have to fill out multiple forms. 🙂
We need this as sometimes the order of performers changes or are not performing any more. Please note, that other performers may also be wearing a similar colour, try to describe something unique to your performer. New line for each corresponding performance please.
Just in case you need some more space. 🙂

1. Fill out the order form (online or paper)

2. Once performance photos are uploaded, you will be sent a unique link to your performance.

3. You will be able to view the photos and purchase online.

No payment is required in expressing your interest, only when you decide to buy.

If you order and pay during the competition your photos will be sent to you first on the 7th of October.